New Christmas items . . . Cinnamon Ornaments and Printable Gift Tags


Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays, I just love how everyone
decorates for it. Twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and all that snow, it can’t get more magical than that.

Well this year I thought I would try my hand at making some of those classic Cinnamon ornaments, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit by making them look like Gingerbread cookies.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the results, and they smell so yummy too. There are quite a few cookie shapes to choose from, Christmas trees, mittens, stars, hearts, circles, and of course Gingerbread to name just a few. Be sure to head on over to the TurtleNotes shop to see them all.


Also new in the shop this Holiday season are printable gift tags and bag toppers. The bag toppers fit standard Ziploc bags. We have mistletoe themed bag toppers for a nail polish and sock gift set. We also have printable Merry Kissmas gift tags for a candy present, like kisses perhaps. . .

And finally we have printable bag toppers for the Mary Kay gift of nail polish, lip stick, lotion set, or facial care set, perfect for the ladies on your list.

merry_kissmas_tags_red_green pink_bag_toppers_cover

Back 2 School Time Again

As summer winds down I’m sure lots of you are preparing to go back to school, and by preparing I mean getting back onto a regular sleep schedule and shopping for school supplies of course. Going through my etsy shop inventory I realized I didn’t have any back to school items and I felt I should remedy that immediately. So I whipped up this adorable pencil themed printable banner. They are illustrated after the classic yellow Number 2 pencil and the letters I chose to pair with them reminds me of the overly simple letters we learned to write with in Kindergarten. Anyways the banner will be the perfect addition to any classroom decorations, back to school party, or even for a first day of school photo background/prop. They come in two sizes so be sure to head on over to to check them out.



The Guardians are Here


Its been a while since I’ve added new designs to the fandom series, and I felt that should be remedied immediately, and so I present to you the Guardians of the Galaxy Fandom Paper Pack. I had a lot of fun working on this one since the movie is so great and I had a lot to work with. Like the other fandom packs, we have a character pattern, a quote page, a couple symbols and icons from the film. Unlike the other packs we have available in the shop, this one has a soundtrack and lyric pattern since the soundtrack was such a huge and central part of the film we felt they needed to be included.

So heres a little sneak peek be sure to check them out further in the shop. We have them in color and black and white, both color options are available in letter size and scrapbook paper size.


Raise Your Banner, Class of 2016






For all those recent graduates about to have that time tested Graduation party, we can help with a little decoration. We have a selection of printable banners, both large and small in a variety of colors and one with a bit of fake glitter, so no mess. Each has a subtle pattern in the background made up of repeating 2016.

You can print at home, but to save your ink I recommend printing at a printers, like kinkos, minuteman, or any local printer. Print on a sturdy paper such as a card stock so it can withstand a bit of a breeze so you don’t have a fluttering banner disturbing your party, and not looking good in pictures.

You can hang up your banner at the entrance of your party, over the food table, above your photo wall, or you can even create a photo booth for your guest to pose in front of, since everyone takes photos with their phones they’ll be their own photographer. Be sure to create your very own hashtag and let your guest know to use it and share their photos, then later you can put together a photo book of the event using shutterfly or other photo printer.

Mom got a Card, It’s Only Fair That Dad Gets One Too

hero measure

Our last post covered gift ideas for Father’s Day, it only makes since to follow it up with a post that will help you out with the card. We introduced our new printable greeting card style with our Printable Mother’s Day cards, and now we’ve added some new Father’s Day designs. So like the Mother’s Day cards, not only is there a beautiful design on the outside, but you can have an equally beautiful design inside by printing on a lighter weight paper like regular old computer paper and adhering it to the inside of the card, very much like those fancy-schmancy greeting cards you find in stores. And the extra kicker is the matching printable envelope that comes with it. All you need to do is head over to the shop, buy the card, print it out, cut, fold, adhere (don’t worry instruction come with it) and you’ve got yourself one fancy card that will truly let Dad know how appreciated he is. You have two designs to chose from, a workshop themed one that matches one of the Mother’s Day cards, and Super hero themed one.

He is Your Father, DIY Gift Ideas

So Father’s day is just a couple weeks away, June 19th to be exact and nothing is worse than forgetting. We’ve compiled a few ideas here for you on gifts you can make, they range in skill and material level so check them all out. You can also check out the Mother’s Day gift ideas from our Mother’s Day Post for ideas as well, since some of those ideas are great for Father’s Day too. But first a little backstory.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington in 1910, however it wasn’t until 1972 when President Nixon made it an official National Holiday. Of course Father’s Day was inspired by Mother’s Day, but as you can see from the dates above it took some time to bring it about, perhaps because as it was put at the time “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have,” and through out the years men continued to disdain the very idea of a Father’s Day as one historian writes, they “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they derided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products – often paid for by the father himself.” In the 20s and 30s the depression struggling retailers promoted Father’s Day as a ‘second Christmas’ for men promoting their neckties, hats, socks, pipes, golf clubs, and other sporting goods, so even then, Father’s got to look forward to receiving that embarrassing Father’s Day tie that they’re obligated to wear to work at least once.

So Father’s Day is now an official yearly thing, but you don’t need to rely on the old standbys of neckties, hats, socks or sporting goods when you can follow one of these tutorials a make a true one-of-a-kind gift.

Photo for Dad

source jjm Photography the Blog

There are a lot of photo ideas out there from writing love dad on the kids’ feet to babies chewing on signs, but I find this one cute and inventive. Dress the kids up in a shirt and tie, or bow tie, of Dad’s and have a little photo shoot. You can even throw in some letters that spell out Dad. If he is a sports fan it could be cute to put them in one of his Jerseys, but not his highly collectable one, and maybe a sports team hat too, pair with the sport’s ball or equipment. Same goes for hunting or fishing themed photos.

Phone Charging Station & Photo Frame

source Little Free Monkeys

This takes a little bit of woodworking, but it seems simple enough and its a great gift to present the above photo in. You can paint or stain it any way you want, even wood burn a design into it. My one suggestion is to make a pocket hole on the edge below the phone station so the charging cord can go underneath the frame instead of around it.

Easy Change Picture Frame
source Shanty 2 Chic

If the picture frame above is a little out of your skill level you can totally make this one. This is one of those fully customizable crafts. You start with a picture frame, I think the kind that can be hung up or placed on a desk is best since he can hang it in his office or place it on his desk. You can paint the frame with spray paint, and even follow one of those distressing tutorials to add an aged look to it. Now in this tutorial they spray adhesive scrapbook paper to the glass, but you can double sided tape the paper to the glass to it won’t slide out of the frame from the added weight of the clamp but you can still change it back to a regular frame if you want in the future. I’ve seen some other frames that wrap the glass in fabric which adds texture as well as color. The next step is to glue the clamp to the frame so the picture will hang in the center of the frame, they used hot glue, but crazy glue, gorilla glue, or the E-600 glue should work just as well just allow for drying time. Just remember to use colors and patterns that Dad will like in his space. Use scrapbook paper of his favorite sports time, hobby, or TV show. We have a selection of Printable Fandom papers in our Etsy shop to choose from.

DIY Beer Coasters

source Hip2Save

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of coaster tutorials out there, from permanent marker to photo, but I think this is the most perfect idea for Father’s Day. So basically you modge podge cardboard from the beer Boxes or Carriers onto ceramic tile. Don’t feel like you are stuck with beer packaging, you can totally use his favorite cereal boxes, soda/pop boxes, or even old paperback book covers or those cardboard VHS tape cases. Since paper absorbs water be sure to use a protective finish to protect your images from being ruined by use.

Honey Sandalwood Soap Pucks
source The Crafty Blog Stalker

Starts out as a simple melt and pour tutorial, and then they take it up a notch with the addition of soap fragrance, a couple of different oils and activated charcoal powder, which gives the soap its black coloring, though the soap lather will be white so don’t worry about black color being all over your sink. Nothing can be more manlier than a puck colored and shaped soap, and its in a manly scent of sandalwood so they will willing use it after time in their garage, workshop, or yard to get cleaned up, and an additional plus is that its great for the face too. They wrapped them up in a coffee filter and then embellished with a free printable that they include a link to.

DIY Popcorn Sampler
source DIY Ready

Create your own popcorn sampler for the foodie or Movie Buff Father in your life. Start with a variety of popcorn kernels and then follow the recipes to make a variety of popcorn seasonings to add to the popcorn once popped.

DIY Grill Spice Rubs
source Kojo-Designs

If Popcorn isn’t your Dad’s thing, but grilling is, you can mix your own spice rubs for him to up his grilling game. You can follow the recipes in the tutorial, or google/pinterest grill rub recipes to come up with your own flavors.

Super Dad Pop Box Set
source Lil’ Luna

What to get the man who has everything? What about some of his favorite candies, well his favorites that can fit into a pop bottle. Fairly easy and quick to put together even if your skill level isn’t all that high in the crafty department. The tutorial walks you through on how to take a set of glass pop bottles and fill them with treats and then decorating them into a great Father’s Day gift. Feel free to use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, comic book pages . . . to decorate the box and bottles with, try to customize it to your Dad. We have some great Printable Fandom Packs in our Etsy Shop that you could use for decorations.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for Father’s Day Gifts visit our Pinterest page here.

Visit our Etsy Shop, we have Printable Father’s Day Cards waiting for you.

New Fiesta Banners

For Cinco de Mayo, we posted an image on our social media accounts of a Feliz Cinco de Mayo (Happy 5th of May) papel picado (decorative cut paper flag) and we got so much engagement on it that we thought that perhaps we should offer a printable version for party banners, and that’s just what we did. We created a new papel picado banner design, using the Cinco de Mayo banner as inspiration, and inserted the alphabet and numbers into this new design. They also include a cactus and a sugar skull. They come in two color choices: one in Pink with a Yellow background, and one in Blue with a Green background. They both have a subtle tissue paper texture added to it so they resemble their real-life counterparts when printed. You can trim down to the color sections like above, or leave in a rectangle shape with a slight white border.


These are great for those Spanish themed parties for Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, or any party really. Check them out in the Shop.

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that aren’t Junk

I know they say that the best Mother’s Day gift is one you make yourself, which I believe is quite true since it shows that you devoted time and thought to your gift which is far more valuable than money, but a lot of the diy-crafty gifts out there are, let’s face it, junk. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered up some ideas for some diy gifts that we feel are pretty, useful, and a bit more than your everyday store bought knick-knack. You can always go for the old standby of flowers and a home cooked Breakfast, though if you do go the Breakfast route remember to think about how mom might want to sleep in a bit and not be awoken early. We have some decor and breakfast recipe ideas posted on our Pinterest Page if you’d like to check those out.

Clay Heart Fingerprint Keychain 

source A Girl and a Glue Gun

To start things off we have a simple, understated gift that is so easy practically anyone can make it. The site doesn’t really have a tutorial to follow, but like I said is really easy to make they really don’t call for any. First you will need some white clay, sculpey is always a good kind. Roll out the clay, cut out heart shapes, the easiest way would be to use a cookie cutter, just remember that this is going on a ket chain so keep it small. Press your fingerprint into the cutout heart, then add a hole for the key ring to go in, a drinking straw is a good size. Then follow the directions for baking the clay on the package, cool, and add a standard key ring. Of course you can make it your own by using different colored clay, mixing a few colors together to create a marble effect, or adding different kind of key ring, beads and such to make it even more unique.

Clay Garden Markers
source Wit & Whistle

Using polymer clay and small rubber stamp letters you can create this simple, understated, and simply easy garden markers that any gardener or herb grower will adore. You simple roll out a bit of clay, stamp the name of the plant into the clay and bake them. You can make them your own by adding a bit of colored clay to the ends when you roll the out and shape them, or dip them in some acrylic paint once they are cool from baking. You can also stamp the letters in ink before stamping into the clay to leave colored letters. You can use some of the left over clay to make one of those fingerprint key chain above.

Mother’s Day Pink Hand Scrub
source Touch of Tay

Great gift for any mom especially those who gardens or bakes, since they wash their hands frequently and this hand scrub will keep them soft and clean. This tutorial calls for Dawn Ultra Dish Soap -Olay Hand Renewal kind, and epsom salts which can be found near the pharmacy in Walmart & Target or at any local Drug Store like Walgreens or CVS, and a container to hold and store your hand scrub. All you do is mix them together. Now there are versions of Hand Scrubs that use sugar, and those recipes call for some kind of oil, usually olive oil though other kinds of oil will work too even coconut oil, to stop the break down/dissolving of the sugar crystals and I personally feel that this will be a gentler hand scrub so if you are making it for someone with sensitive skin a recommend the sugar route, but play around with it and find one you like best, a google or pinterest search will yield many recipes/tutorials you can follow.

Photo Pendant
source Saving with Sarah

This one requires a bit of materials and requires some drying time so its not a good last minute craft to do, but it create s a beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant that looks vintage, fancy, and timeless. I recommend black-and-white or sepia tone photos since they lend that timeless/vintage effect, but you can use color photos as well.

Photo Block
source Balancing Home

I know it says Father’s day, but I think it would be good for Mother’s Day too. You pretty much print of photos on regular paper, mod podge onto wooden block, mod podge agin to seal and protect, and you’re done. You can make it your own by distressing the edges by sanding and inking them with a stamp pad before applying the retentive coat of mod podge. The photos can be color, you can use a free photoshop-like web site to add quotes or little messages to your images before printing them.

Photo Block Puzzle
source The Denver Post

Using the same technique as the one to make the Photo Block above, use smaller wooden blocks to create a block puzzle. They covered all 6 sides of the blocks with images, but you can leave some of the sides blank. If you chose to only do a few you can paint the blank sides to make them colorful, or you can even add patterns like scrapbook paper to some of the sides as well.

If you’d like to see some more gift ideas for mom, party decorations for a Mother’s day party, Mother’s Day cards, recipes for breakfast and more visit our Pinterest page.

Visit our Etsy Shop, we have Printable Mother’s Day Cards waiting for you.

Presenting . . . Another Card for Mom

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll already know about the new printable card we developed for the Mother’s Day card we had just released. For those of you who haven’t been keeping tabs on us will do a quick recap. Our new printable cards include three pdf files: one is the beautifully designed outer card that you print on card stock, the second is a matching inner card design usually with a short little phrase or quote and maybe some drawn element that is printed on a lighter paper or computer paper will work just fine as well, and the final file is a coordinating envelope template. We also include a forth pdf with directions for assembling the card. So I actually lied, there are four pdf files.

Anyway, we had some other ideas for Mother’s Day cards floating around and we decided to crank another design out, and so we would like to present to you the second card in our Mother’s Day Card Line . . . You’re Loved beyond Measure Mother’s Day Card.