Preparing to Open up Shop

For a while now I’ve been wanting to open up my own shop, online to start then maybe if that takes off work on a physical store presence. Well just recently I have taken steps to make this possible.

To start off I am a fairly recent graduate with a major in Graphic Design, so I have some talent in illustrating, photography, and creating in general. My plan has been to start a line of greeting cards, so last February I sat down and started designing valentine day cards. I realized pretty quickly that my cards wouldn’t be ready and available for people to send out in time for Valentine’s Day so I put that project on the back burner and started looking in to everyday occasions that people buy cards for through out the year and started designing cards for them.

Well today I sent off the first batch of designs to the printers. There a lot more occasions I need to design for but its a good start to build awareness. Now that I have products to sell on the way I realized I have a lot to work to get in order before I can start to sell. Just to name a few items: I need to figure out how sales tax works for online shops since I don’t want to get in to trouble with the government, I need to figure out shipping rates since I’ll need to mail my orders out and I definitely don’t want to pay out of pocket for that, and I need to start getting people to visit my shop. So I started with the last item on this list by starting a blog.

I figure that if I show the world a part of my story someone will be interested and start to spread the word, since a brand is nothing without their audience.


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