St. Patrick’s Day

So St. Patrick’s Day is just a few weeks away and if you are like me you LOVE to celebrate it in all of it’s Greenness, and to help you do this here are some recipes, do-it-yourself tutorials, and some festive inspiration.

Well it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s day without the traditional corned beef and cabbage but sometimes you need to step away from tradition and jazz things up a bit.

Irish Bread Braid
9f62025f-8901-47b8-a83c-bf0a346563cdfrom Taste for Adventuresavory crescent braid stuffed with corned beef, spinach, and potatoes
Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls
from Food For My Familygreat recipe to mix things up or just to use up those leftover St. Patrick’s ingredients
Corned Beef Tacos
from Taste Trialsanother recipe to mix up those common St. Patrick’s ingredients
Shamrock Chips
from zakka lifefestive snack to serve at a party or just for fun for the wee ones, made from baked spinach tortilla wraps
Leprechaun Candy
from sweet treats and moregrapes and jello mix, fun dessert snack
Lucky Charm Dessert Shooters
 f3c5dea7-ed09-42ec-a6c0-29a1177b1f93from Rock UR Party Recipesparfait shooters made with Lucky Charm Cereal and Colored Yogurt
St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows
from Our Best Bitesgoody bag to hand out, made up of colorful licorice and gold wrapped rolo candy
Easy Leprechaun Dress-Up
from Raising Arizona Kids MagazinePaper Leprechaun dress-up tutorial
Leprechaun Mischief
from A Differentiated Kindergartenmake leprechaun footmarks all around your house fun for the wee little ones


If you’d like to see some more ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day Feast, more dress-up tutorials, or more St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans just visit our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest page by clicking the “More” link above.

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