Easter Holiday Fun

I always feel that winter truly isn’t ready to move on until Easter comes around, and being someone who loves to celebrate holidays, I can’t let it past without some festiveness. The most common Easter tradition religious or not is dying Easter eggs. The first Easter eggs were typically dyed or painted red symbolizing the blood of Christ  at his crucifixion, a bit morbid, now a days Easter eggs are usually dyed any color of the rainbow and usually contain several colors on a single one.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Watercolor Eggs
water colored like dyed eggsfrom Spoon Fork Bacon
An interesting way to dye eggs that give it a soft color, by spooning the dye over the egg. Suggested extra materials: you might want to use some gloves and an eye dropper to keep fingers clean.
Tie Dye Eggs
from Lilyshop
Pour vinegar and oil into hot water and drop in food coloring, resulting in bright, marble like designs with some white resist.
Volcano Egg Dying
from Toddler Approved
Create a paint from baking soda and food coloring, paint the egg then pour on some vinegar and sizzle away paint leaving a brightly colored egg.
Shaving Cream Marble Dye
from tot school
Drop some food coloring onto shaving cream swirl it around, roll your egg in it, let it dry for a bit and wipe it off. Results turn out a colorful swirl.

Festive Easter Recipes

Jelly Bean Bark
water colored like dyed eggsfromthe frugal girls.com
A Delicious ester treat that uses up some of those colorful jelly beans.
Deviled Egg Chicks
from Alison Artisan
A festive twist on a classic, turn deviled eggs into hatching chicks, they are cute and yummy, and use some of those hard boiled eggs you dyed.
Mint Blossoms
from Land O’Lakes
These Easter pastel cookies would be a festive addition to an Easter spread. Easy to make, a good recipe for the kids to help with too.
Carrot Strawberries
from CherylStyle
Orange chocolate dipped strawberries made to look like carrots, you can make just the carrots or the whole dessert pot. You can also add orange sprinkles too.

Festive Easter Decorations

Carrot Garland
from Fiskars
Carrot garland made out of paper, you can leave the carrot part straight if you do not have a scalloped edged scissors or punch.
Carrot Napkin Bundles
from Our Best Bites
A festive way of presenting silverware for your Easter celebration.
Butterfly Place Card
from Pocket Full or Dreams
Simply beautiful butterfly place card. Doesn’t come with template, but here is a beautiful watercolor print out of butterflies from The Elli Blog that would work just the same.
Magic Jelly Beans & Lollipop Garden
from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
Have kids plant magic jelly beans, and plant Lollipops in there place when they are not looking.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for celebrating Easter visit our Pinterest page.


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