April Fool’s Day Ideas

So this year April Fool’s Day is literally on the tail of Easter, and here are a few prank ideas. I’m not a real fan of the pranks with food or replacing toothpaste with mustard or mayo, just because I wouldn’t want that to be done to me, really hate mustard and mayo. You could always pretend that its Easter again, hide all the eggs again.

Now for a little cultural information, in a lot of European countries they pass April Fool’s Day by attaching paper fish to unsuspecting persons and shouting “April Fish.”

Prank Ideas

Brown E’s
water colored like dyed eggsfrom Lesson Plan SOS

Cut out E’s in Brown paper, place in a baking pan and cover with foil. Say you brought some or made some Brownies, obviously everyone will assume they are the dessert.

Balloon Cake
from A New Day

Make a fake cake with balloons that will pop once you apply a sharp knife to cut the cake with.

Jello Drinks
from The 303 Griffiths

The picture says it all, Jello replace the juice, not real drinkable, but that won’t stop your prankee from trying.
Windshield Rainbow
from Helmut Smits

They used acrylic paint, but I recommend that you don’t, it’s kind of permanent, so I suggest tempera or watercolor since it is washable. just squirt a small line on the glass just above the wiper. Might need to put something on the glass itself so the driver will want to use the wipers.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for April Fool’s Day pranks visit our Pinterest page.


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