Cinco De Mayo

Literal translation: the fifth of May. It is wrongly believed that it is a Mexican Independence day, although in a way it was, its really a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, in actuality the 5th of May  marks a major victory for the Mexican Army on in 1862 when 4,000 Mexican troops defeated 8,000 French troops at the Battle of Puebla. As you can see they were outnumbered but bravely stood their ground and won the day. Gradually it became another Holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, a reason to party and celebrate.


tissue paper flowers
from Little Wonder’s Day

A fun and colorful activity for the kids, or a way of decorating for the Holiday.

Mini Pinata
from One Charming Party

Directions in how to make an easy and small pinata.

Bisquick Churro Recipe
from tablespoon

recipe on how to make churros with Bisquick
Individual Seven Layer Dip
from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Another way to serve 7 layer dip that won’t stop you from double dipping, since you have your own,

If you’d like to see some more ideas for May Day visit our Pinterest page.


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