May Day

May Day the Basic History, Very Basic: most typically a European Holiday from ancient times known as Beltane. It is the midpoint between spring and summer, it is exactly half the year. In Celtic times whole towns and villages would gather to celebrate the springtime and rejoice in life. The Romans celebrated the beginning of May by celebrating Flora the goddess of Flowers. The Romans brought their Flora Festival to the British Isles and the two festivals were gradually blended together.

The May Day Holiday is best known for the Dancing of the May Pole. The May Pole, symbolic for the world tree bridges the gap  between Heaven and Earth and represents life. The May Pole is typical made from a tall tree and has many colorful ribbons hanging from the top in which dancers hold and create a weaved pattern as they dance with the ribbons around the pole.

May Day gradually became a day of joy and merriment for the kids to celebrate, and leaving may baskets full of flowers and treats anonymously on doorsteps eventually came into tradition. Although the May Day traditions are not popular in the United States, partly due to the governments attempts to prevent the out of hand festivities that can sometimes take place, in fact they changed May Day into Law Day, but May Day is a more exciting and fun holiday to celebrate so that is what we will focus on.

May Pole, Flowers, and Baskets

the perfect Child-size Maypole
from Mommy Blessings

Directions on how to make your own may pole

Ribbon Wands
from Intimate Weddings

Make little May Pole wands, add more ribbons at shorter lengths for a closer similarity to the May Pole.

Ribbon Kites
from An Everyday Story

Another variation of a May Pole for the kids to make, easier to make with a few materials.
Flower Treat Cups
from Better Homes and Gardens

You can always use smaller cups for a littler snack.

April Showers
from Fowl Single File

A cute May Day craft that also ties into April Showers bring May Flowers. Easy craft that uses just a few materials that you already have around the house. Instead of watercolors you can always use markers or color crayons too.

Flower Cone
from Martha Stewart

How to make a colorful paper and ribbon cone to hold a bouquet of flowers that hang nicely on a door. A variation of a May Day Basket.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for May Day visit our Pinterest page.


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