Mother’s Day

May is packed with Holidays, May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day, My Birthday which sometimes ends up on Mother’s Day. The day Kids say ‘Thanks for being my Mom.’ Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 12th, so I thought I would post this now to give you guys some time to really plan out what to do for Mom. The go to thing to do is make mom some breakfast in bed in the morning, one little tip is be sure not to wake mom up too early since its suppose to be a relaxing day for mom. If you plan on giving mom a gift it is said that the best gifts are the ones the kids make themselves. ALthough store bought gifts are great as long as they are something mom truly likes/wants or even asked for. Remember its all about mom.

hands card
from A Day In My Life

A cute card kids can make with a tracing of their hands.

Bouquet of Lilies
from Craft Ideas

Another cute craft to make from kids’ hand prints.

Designer Pen Craft
from crafters

add a personal touch to office supplies, make your own designer pens to decorate Mom’s office.

Designer Files
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.59.44 PM
from The Modcloth Blogadd a personal touch to office supplies, make your own designer folders to decorate Mom’s office.
Masterpiece Pictures
from Southern Exposure

A very personal gift to give to mom or grandma. Have the kids make a little sized artwork and take a picture of them creating it, place alongside each other in a frame.

‘Polaroid’ coasters
from Darkroom Dearly

Using any photos you like, modge podge them onto white tiles, spray them with finishing spray and you’ve got yourself some polaroid coasters. Use images that your Mother loves, such as pictures of the family, places she loves to go, or things she likes.

LOVE Pictures
from The Inadvertent Farmer

Great gift for Mom, Take pictures of the kids holding the letters of a word, place together in a frame. Pictures can be in black and white or color depending on the look you want, if in color maybe have the kids write and color in their own letters for a more personal gift.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for gifts, recipes for breakfast to serve to mom visit our Pinterest page here.


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