Father’s Day

Father’s day is this weekend, Sunday to be exact, and it is only fair that we give Dad his fair share of attention. Back in May we shared some marvelous ideas for breakfast, gifts, and cards that you could make and give to Mom, which all of those ideas would most likely work for Dad as well, just change the letters and colors a bit to better fit what Dad likes. You can check back to see those ideas here, and here are a few more ideas just for Dad.

Tshirt Canvas Wall Art
from the not so blank canvas

Take tshirts that would mean something to Dad and stretch and staple them onto canvas to hang on his wall. Sport team shirts that are no longer worn, from his team or the ones you played on, or a favorite tshirt from a family vacation are a good choices to make into wall art.

Sport Shirt Pillows
from Sweet Bee Buzzing 

Another awesome idea to use those sports shirts that mean a lot dad, and remind him of you.

Photo Cube
from Balancing Home

add a personal touch to office his office by making him his own photo cube with pictures he’ll cherish.

Personalized Photo of the Kids
from The How to Mommy 

Create a sweet and sentimental picture of the kids with the letters DAD or something written out on their feet saying ‘we love you dad’.

Hand Print Card
from Chasing Firflies

You’ve probably seen a similar hand print card at Hallmark, but you can make your on version too. Just take cardstock or construction paper and fold it like a card, there should be a panel for each kid’s hand print and the front to say Happy Father’s Day. Have each kid either trace their hand and color in with colors and patterns and such, or paint their hand a solid color and make a rint. trim paper down so they are all the same size and glue onto card, write names in underneath.

Comic Wallet
from Keri Smith

Make Dad a one of a kind wallet with some colorful comic paper, click the link above for directions in making a similar version of this one.

LOVE Pictures
from Modge Podge Rocks

Another comic craft to make for Dad, coasters. You could also use clippings from his favorite magazine or sunday funnies even.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for gifts, recipes for breakfast to serve to Dad visit our Pinterest page here.


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