Printable Halloween-tine Cards


I thought it might be nice to have little cards to hand out to friends and family. Now you might be asking “what the heck is a Halloween-tine?” Well its very much like those little cards the kids hand out on Valentine’s Day, better known as Valentines. So I created my very own version of Valentines for Halloween, and gave them the name of Halloween-tines. Clever I know right.

So I started out by coming up with the ides of course, and then decided to have each one tell it’s own joke, so the outside of the tine would have the joke question, and the place where you write your To and From, and the inside would have the punch line along with a very awesome illustration to knock the punch line home. I thought they were so great I made ten different tines, and you can get them too. Just head on over to our Etsy Shop to check them out.




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