Fan-tas-tic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching along with costume bedecked kiddies in search of candy. Halloween is another favorite holiday of mine, mostly because I get to dress up and I absolutely love to dress up. So I’ve gathered some great ideas for costumes, some are quick and easy, others are a bit more complex, but all are interesting and a little bit clever. Visit our Pinterest Halloween Costume Board for even more ideas, we also have a Halloween Pet Costume Board, so check them out.

When Life gives you Lemons

source 9GAG

A play on a common phrase, “when life gives you lemons” and it is fairly simple to put together, all you need is a t-shirt with the word life on it, and a few lemons to carry around, they can even be the fake kind.

Jelly Bean Baggie

from Modern Kiddo

Thought this one is super easy and fun. Takes a clear garbage bag with arm and leg cut-outs, write with permanent marker the nutritional facts, and a Jelly Bean logo, fill it up with mini balloons, wear with leggings or capris and a tank top or t-shirt, after steeping in tie around neck with ribbon, make sure you can untie it yourself because you’ll be steeping out of your balloon bag to go to the bathroom.
Google Map
source Flavorwire

Interesting costume, glue, tape, or sew some yellow streets in your neighborhood, town, or city, write in the names, add some bus stops or other google map icons. Cut out a Google Map pin out of red tag board, outline the edges with red marker, cut out a whole big enough for your head, write an “A” and a “B” above the hole and their you go. might need to attach some elastic to keep it on your head.

Operation Board Game Guy
4682394_700bfrom no time to sew
Pretty simple to make, just trace operation shapes onto foam core or tagboard, attach velcro to the backs of them (the side that will stick to felt), cut out red felt for each piece leaving space around the pieces, sew or safety pin the red felt to the general location of the game pieces onto beige colored clothing, a nude body suit or leotard boxers, or khaki shorts and a yellow t-shirt.
Error 404
source PopSugar

For those of you who don’t like to dress up, here’s a costume that can’t get any simpler. The dreaded ‘Error 404’ page. Just get a white t-shirt and using a black marker, permanent or fabric, and write “Error 404 Costume Not Found” on it and you are done.

Of course there are plenty of more costumes out there, for more ideas you can start looking on our Pinterest Page.

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