Spook-tacular Halloween Decorations

One way to get festive for the Halloween Holiday is to decorate the inside and outside of you home. The best and most common way is with carved pumpkins, so I gathered some interestingly clever ways of mixing up the classically carved pumpkin. As well as a few simple touches to make you home festive.

Stained Glass Pumpkin
from Parents

Add some color to your pumpkin by attaching colored plastic cut-outs to the inside of your pumpkin. Mix it up a bit and carve out a face, a picture, or an actual stained glass outline and use along with the color pieces.

Snail Pumpkin
snaily-1from Alpha Mom

Made with a Pumpkin, a gourd, two ping-pong balls, and two bamboo skewers. Visit the link to get a photo guide on how to carve and assemble them to look like this snail.
Bonfire Pumpkins
4682394_700bfrom Better Homes and Garden

Using the stencil from BHG carve out flames onto 10-12 pumpkins, stack in a pyramid and light with votive candles or battery operative votives.

Candy Corn Candles
from Poppies at Play

Can’t get any simpler than this, fill wine glass half full with candy corn, and place orange, yellow, or white votive candles in center. For a more decorated look, make with varying heights of wine glasses.
Glowing Effect

from The Krazy Coupon LadyTo create this cool glowing effect mix powdered laundry detergent (containing phosphors) with a little water, or use liquid laundry detergent, and splatter on your doorstep, or paint a message or spooky image. Then, switch your porch lights to black light bulbs and the liquid will glow.
Spooky Silhouettes
from Martha StewartNow Martha uses fabric for her silhouettes, but you could probably make it by using cardboard cutout shapes of classic Halloween figures, optionally painted black, taped to the winds, and then use green or orange thin plastic table clothes or tissue paper taped over the windows and cut outs. Might be cool to try for Christmas and other Holidays too.

For more decoration and pumpkin carving ideas please visit our Pinterest Page.


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