Festive Halloween Drinks

Its not a party without colorfully festive drinks and I found some great recipes, presentations, and Halloween extras to help you complete your Halloween themed Party.

Orange Witch’s Brew

from Very Culinary

This festively colored drink only uses three ingredients: orange sherbet, pineapple juice, and orange soda.

Pumpkin Party Cooler
from Martha Stewart

Carve out a wide pumpkin, place glass or plastic bowl inside to prevent pumpkin from getting water logged, and fill with ice to make beverage cooler, or fill fill punch for a festive touch.
Bloody Shirley Temples
4682394_700bfrom Made From Pinterest

Place a syringe filled with Grenadine into a clear glass of 7up or Sprite for a festive twist on a classic beverage.

Worm Ice
from Martha Stewart

freeze gummi worms in ice cubes to add a spooky touch to regular beverages. Works best with clear beverages. For best flavor I suggest freezing using Sprite or 7up so your beverage doesn’t get water as the worm ice melts.
Halloween Coco
from Home Is Where the Boat Is

Serve Hot Coco with the festive Marshmallows, for Orange coco make white chocolate coco and add orange food coloring.

Halloween Soda Labels
4682394_700bfrom CM2

Here are some free printable labels to dress-up your soda to make them party ready. Simple print, cut-out, and tape it on your soda bottle.

For more beverage ideas please visit our Pinterest Page.


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