Delicious Halloween Treats & Snacks

A good Halloween party needs that super yummy Halloween Menu of Snacks and Treats, and I found some delicious recipes just for you. Most are pretty simple made with ingredients that should be easy to find too.

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs
from Foodista

This recipe is actually for a Thai-curry deviled egg, which you are more than welcome to make, however I prefer the classic deviled egg recipe, just add orange food coloring to the yolk mixture, scoop or melon ball the mixture into the egg making a round ball shape and use a knife to make the pumpkin lines, place a green onion or chive at the top and sprinkle with paprika.

Chocolate covered Carmel Popcorn Balls
snaily-1from Diethood

Here is a super yummy recipe for making carmel popcorn balls that are dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles, to make them extra festive you could always use Halloween colored sprinkles, or orange colored white chocolate instead of the brown.
Grave Yard Pudding Cups
4682394_700bfrom Party Pinching

Here’s a snack all kids will like, chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreo, a ghost peep, and a pumpkin candy, easy and festive.

Strawberry Ghosts
4682394_700bfrom Taste of Home

White chocolate covered strawberries with milk or dark chocolate eyes and mouth, very cute and delicious.
Jack-o-Lantern Cheeseburgers
from Sandra Lee

Top off your burgers with slices of processed American cheese with Jack-o-Lantern eyes and mouths cut out of them. Looks yummy and fun.

Candy Corn Fruit Cup
4682394_700bfrom Family Fresh Meals

Here’s a healthy snack to add to your menu, just uses four ingredients too. Pineapple, oranges or clementines, whipped cream topping, and candy corn for a garnish.

For more snack, desserts, treats, and dinner recipes please visit our Pinterest Page.


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