Ruggedly-handsom Christmas Ornaments

The best Christmas ornaments are ones you make yourself, and though all are quite festive not many are ‘manly’ but I rounded up a few that could fit  the bill.

Paw Print Ornaments
from Sew DoggyStyle

You’ll need a little help from man’s best friend for this one, just place a paw on some clay press in the date or name of pet follow baking directions and you’ve got a keepsake ornament.

1 Minute Christmas Ornaments
from No time for flashcards

Probably one of the easiest ornaments to make, get a couple of the clear glass or plastic christmas orbs and you can put anything that will fit  through the top in it, I personally like the idea of the LEGO one, this one is open to personal items as well so experiment and have fun with this one.
Hex Nut Snowflake
4682394_700bfrom Daily Craft Project

Using some basic hardware you can make this snowflake, and feel free to play around with the shapes to make other festive ornaments.

DIY Cement Ornament
4682394_700bfrom Fellow Fellow

Usine candy molds to create these pretty neat cement ornaments. You can also play around with painting them.
Rustic Snowflake
from Little Things Bring Smiles

You can’t get any more rustic then this twig ornament, have fun with the shape and structure since no two snow flakes are alike.

Golfer’s Snowman Ornament
4682394_700bfrom Full of Great Ideas

You can use permanent markers or paint to create Frosty and Santa Clause and you can always add their hats with a little bit of glue.

For more ornament ideas please visit our Pinterest Page.


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