The Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

The best Christmas ornaments are ones you make yourself, and the ones that are most personal are the greatest. I’ve gathered a few ideas here to help personalize your tree or gifts, and document this Christmas with your family.

Time Capsule Ornament
from The Farmer’s NestThere are several things you can write inside, one being the presents they got, or it can be their christmas list which I think would be most fun to read through as the years go by, it can be anything you think of really, just remember to have the year and maybe a name to keep them straight down the line.
Photo Ornament
snaily-1from Fynes Designs

This tutorial shows you how to place a photo into the glass christmas ornament, it can be a picture of anything: your family, a member of your family, wedding photo, your house, your pet, you could even but some extra items in too like jingle bells, glitter, LEGOS, or fake snow, the possibilities are endless.
Painted Family Faces
4682394_700bfrom The Cheese Thief

This one will take a bit of skill, you paint christmas ornaments to look like members of your family, they can be as realistic or as cartoony as you like, might be interesting to have the kids paint themselves or your whole family since they have a unique style of illustrating that looks great.

For more ornament ideas please visit our Pinterest Page.


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