Christmas Traditions to Start

Everyone has their own way of celebrating the holidays. Traditions if you will. Mine is we set the tree up as a family, we get to open up one gift on Christmas eve, Santa fills our stockings and we get a few larger gifts that don’t fit in our stockings that are unwrapped from Santa, its almost guaranteed that we will get a new tooth brush with tooth paste in our stockings, we aren’t allowed to go near the tree or our stockings until everyone is awake and then after everyone has gone through the stockings we sort out the presents under the tree and take turns opening our gifts. I’ve gathered a few ideas and activities that you might want to add to your own traditions.

Reindeer cam
from ReindeerCam

You can watch Santa’s reindeer anytime of day or night, and you can see Santa feed them at schedule times each day.

Tickets to the Christmas Light Express
snaily-1from Moments with my Miracles

Kind of inspired by the Polar Express, print off some golden tickets and one night before bed time drive around town to see all the Christmas lights.
No tag Presents
4682394_700bfrom the anderson crew

To keep the anticipation going Christmas morning, don’t label any of the gifts, wrap gifts in different paper for each person, and stash a piece of the paper in the bottom of their stocking to discover which presents are theirs’.
Santa Prints
from The Party Artisan

This one will should be fun for the kids, take a cutout of a boot print and sprinkle flour, powder sugar, or baking soda around the cutout, and adding some sparkly glitter will add a touch of magic to it.

For more Christmas ideas please visit our Pinterest Page or our Christmas Pinterest Page


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