Festive Christmas Drinks

Of course you could serve your basic beverages, your potluck ready punch, or the limited seasonal drinks sold at the store, but just in case you want to try something new or be a little more holiday focused I’ve gathered a few that say Christmas to me.

Grinch Punch
4682394_700bfrom Taste of Home

You can follow this recipe or for a quick and easy way just serve lime sherbet ice cream in lemon-lime soda, also know as a Grinch float.
Candy Cane Shake
4682394_700bfrom The Hopeless Housewife

Of course you can make other kind of festive shakes too, like a hot chocolate shake, an eggnog shake, or a gingerbread shake, the options are almost endless.
Candy Cane Punch
4682394_700bfrom Taste of Home

Another punch option using Candy Canes, strawberry Jelly, Peppermint ice cream and lemon-lime soda.
Crock pot Hot Coco
4682394_700bfrom the Frugal Girls.com

You can make the recipe in the link but you can really make any kind of Hot Chocolate recipe you want and just have the Crock pot keep it warm throughout your party or family gathering.

For more Christmas treat ideas please visit our Pinterest Page 


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