Have yourself a Healthy Little Christmas

The holidays are know for overloading on the sweets and not so good for you snacks, so here are some mostly healthy festive snacks to give yourself a little break from the Christmas overload and they are great to put on display for those office parties, or family gatherings.

Fruit Christmas Tree
from Live. Learn. Love. Eat.You can use any fruit, vegetable, cheese, anything you want, you can use little cookie cutters to cutout holiday shapes too. This tree uses fruit as the tree base but you can also use a styro-foam tree base like this one here.
Another fruit tree
snaily-1from Little Wonders’ DayAn easier version of the other tree, you can add more kinds of fruit if you want. You can also make a vegetable one like the one here, but instead of pretzels for the tree trunk use baby carrots.
Pita Tree Appetizers
from PillsburyUsing pitas, red peppers, pretzel sticks, and guacamole, seems pretty easy and good flavor combination, could probably use yellow, orange, and green peppers too.
Mini Christmas Pizzas
from RhodesThis recipe uses bake-n-serve rolls but I’m sure you can use any kind of pizza dough crust. You use Christmas cookie cutters to cut out the mini pizzas and you top them with your usual pizza toppings.
Tortilla Roll-up Tree
from The Other Side of FiftyAfter you make your Tortilla Roll-ups, using the green Spinach wraps, you stack them in a cone shape forming the tree. You can place little tomatoes on them too. The star can be cut out of cheese.
Grinch Kabobs
from Hip2Save

Another fruit snack, super easy might be fun for the kids to help make them. Pair them with the Grinch Punch/Floats from our drink post.


For more snack ideas please visit our Pinterest Page.


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