Printable Gift Box: Instructions for Assembly


We’ve just added some new items in our Etsy shop, printable gift boxes! We offer them in three standard sizes: DVD/Video Game (You know the ones that are the same size as a dvd case, like xbox games), Blu-ray, and audio CD, all in a variety of designs. We thought more detailed instructions with images for how to put these gift boxes together might be in need, just in case the printed instructions that come with the templates aren’t working for you. So let’s get started, first you will need our pdf template for one of our gift boxes. You can buy them here.

1. Print the template out on white, letter sized 8.5″ by 11″ card stock. You will need two sheets for one gift box. If you purchased a white design you can print your template out on any colored card stock you like.


2. Tools you may need.


A Cutting Tool:
A. Scissors
B. Razor Blade
C. Exacto knife

I like to start with the Exacto Knife for all the straight cutting and finish the curved cutting with the scissors. Whatever you have at hand and are comfortable with is fine.


A Scoring Tool: Scoring indents the paper on a straight line allowing you to have sharp and crisp fold thats clean.
D. Small knitting needle
E. A dead/empty ball point pen, so there is no ink.
F. Exacto Knife, wouldn’t recommend the Exacto knife but you can always use the non-sharp edge of the blade, but press lightly otherwise you will most likely slice the paper instead of indenting it.

Other alternatives are bone folder, butter knife (no teeth), or dry embossing stylus.

Here is a youtube video that shows a few options.


An Adhesive Tool:
G. Tacky Glue, use thin lines or small dabs for quicker drying time.
H. Photo splits
I. Glue stick
J. Liquid glue, use thin lines or small dabs for quicker drying time.
K. Double-sided tape
L. Tape/Adhesive Runner

Again its up to you, what you have on hand or are most comfortable with. We just want a secure adhesion so your gift stays wrapped.


A Straight Edge:
M. Plastic Ruler
N. Wooden Ruler
O. Metal Ruler, recommend using this one if you are using the razor blade or exact knife to cut. The wood and plastic rulers are not able to resist the blades as well as the metal rulers can so the blades may slice into the rulers themselves.


Cutting Mat:
If you are using the Exacto Knife or razor blade you should cut on a cutting mat. You can also use the cutting mat to score on. If you do not have a cutting mat a magazine or piece of cardboard will work just as well, even better since these will allow for a deeper indent when scoring.

3. I like to start by scoring since it is easier to score without running off the edge of the paper. So using your ruler run your scoring tool of choice back and forth along the grey dotted lines with light pressure until you can see a slight indent in the paper.



4. Now you can cut the template out. Just cut or slice along the solid grey lines following the edge of the design.


Don’t forget to cut out the half circle on Template part 2, this will make opening the gift box easier for the recipient, also the curved edges of the top and bottom flaps on both templates.



5. Fold and crease scored lines. I recommend using a gentle pinching motion along the lines. Then using the side of your thumb press and slide along the folds to really secure that crease, you can also use a bone folder, the bowl of a spoon, or the edge of a scissor handle.


Note: If you have nail polish on be careful that it doesn’t rub off onto the gift box. If you want to be on the safe side just place a scrap piece of paper over the fold and press on that.


6. Apply your adhesive to the left side tab of template part 2. I used glue stick for this step, I put a scrap piece of paper under the template so I do not get glue on my working surface.


Then with part 2 (the one with the glue) laying flat, place part 1’s right side tab over part 2’s glued tab, lining the edge up with the fold line, where the arrow is pointing.


Now apply glue to the right side tab of part 2 (seen in the image below where the part 2 arrow is pointing). Then with the box laying flat like an empty and flattened cereal box, fold part 1’s tab over to cover the glued tab of part 2, lining the edge up with the fold line again. Let adhesive dry/secure.


7. Starting with the bottom side, fold in the small tabs.


Then tuck the bottom flap into the box, closing the bottom of the gift box.


Turning the box over. Slide in your gift. This is a DVD gift box so I put a DVD inside.



Now repeat the folding of the tabs in and tucking the flap into the gift box, closing your gift in. You can secure the bottom and top flaps with a strip of tape but this shouldn’t be necessary to keep the box closed.


8. Now you have a finished gift box and a beautifully wrapped present. You can leave the gift box as is or decorate it with a bow or ribbon.



I hope this was helpful in putting together your gift box templates. Be sure to check out all of our designs back in the shop.



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