Halloween Delectable Edibles

Halloween Parties are in full planning mode, and I’m here to help you with some tasty treat ideas, we have some ideas for your spooky pot luck, your hauntingly yummy dinner parties, and halloween inspired desserts. Be sure to check out our pinterest boards for more ideas, Halloween treats and decorations, Costumes, and Pet costumes.

Spider Devil Eggs

source food.com

Deviled eggs are always a big hit at parties and potlucks and adding spider olives give them a nice Halloween look.

Halloween Spaghetti

from 36th Avenue

You can make your pasta dinner spooky by adding black food dye to the pasta noodles and green olives look a little bit like eye balls.
Chicken ‘Bat’ Wings
source Martha Stewart

Martha plays with your classic chicken wings by making them black and look like bat wings. The recipe does use Black bean sauce and Oyster sauce, you can try a substitute or leave it out all together. . .

Strawberry Rolls
4682394_700bfrom Baker by Nature

So this is a recipe for your typical breakfast roll but with the addition of a strawberry filling, I feel, makes it a little bit Halloweeny with its similarity to blood. Its one of those simple everyday treats that can fit into the theme of a halloween party by being itself.
Apple Peanut Butter Teeth
source Blommi.com

An almost healthy treat that looks a little spooky. Its made of apple slices, they can be any kind of apple slices you like, peanut butter, if allergic you can try an alternative, and marshmallows. You can switch out all the marshmallows or just a few with candy corn, m&m’s, or other small candy pieces.
Halloween Candy Bark
source Just a Taste

A super yummy treat that combines a lot of your favorite Halloween Trick-or-Treat candies. Its a good way to use some of that left over candy, though whoever has any left over candy?
Candy Corn Poke Cake
source Kara’s Party Ideas

Candy corn is known as the treat of Halloween, and this cake, noted to be moist and delicious, uses food coloring to replicate the iconic trio of colors and then is garnished with the little candy treats as well.
Candy Corn Drink
source Raining Hot Coupons

Any good party will have an appropriately themed beverage to accompany all of the yummy food, and sure you can have orange pop, but I think you can do better than that, and this candy corn drink will do the job.
Candy Corn Jello Shots
source Free-N-Fun Halloween from Oriental Trading

Candy corn themed drink for the adults. Its a vodka based drink that of course, uses Jello, two kinds, yellow and orange. Topped with whipped cream and a candy corn.

Be sure to check out more great Halloween ideas on Pinterest.

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color_halloween_cover foil_halloween_zoom halloweentine_03 witch


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