Thankful for Apples & Acorns

In our last post we offered you some ideas and tutorials on how to decorate for Thanksgiving use leaves. In this post we are going to show you some ideas and tutorials for how to decorate with Apples and Acorns.

How to Dry Acorns & Painting Technique

source Two it Yourself

This tutorial lays out how to prepare acorns so they can be used in decorations. Then they offer a great idea for spray painting a few of them gold and mixing them with unpainted acorns to be used as table scatter, candle jar filler, or anything else your mind can think of.

Acorns Mixed with Pinecones

Following the tutorial above from Two it Yourself, you can also mix the painted acorns with pinecones for a lovely festive look that can carry over into Christmas. If you do not have access to acorns or do not want to paint your own you can buy some painted and mixed with pinecones from Pier1.
How to Hand Paint Acorns
source Home Stories A to Z

This tutorial shows you how to clean and dry acorns to prepare them for painting. They offer tips and suggestions on how to hand paint your acorns, and you can really use any color you want. You can even cover them in glitter, create an ombre look, polka-dots, stripes, really anything that you want. It could even be a good craft activity for the kids, much like dying eggs for Easter. If you’d like to preserve your painted or glittered acorns for future Thanksgivings, just give them each a coat of sealant, choose from glossy, satin, or matte for different finishes.

Acorns & Pearls Candle Display
source Better Homes and Gardens

Add a touch of elegance to you acorn decorations by replacing a few of the acorn nuts with large pearl beads using a sturdy glue such as hot glue. Then use them to make this candle wreath from Better Homes and Gardens.

Acorn Ribbon Napkin Ring 
source Better Homes and Gardens

Pair this beautiful napkin ring idea with the candle display from above for a very glamorous but festive decoration. Its beautiful but understated decoration that appears effortless.

Another Acorn Napkin Ring
source Better Homes and Gardens

Using cleaned and dried acorns, a small drill bit, and wire you can string yourself up your very own set of these acorn napkin rings. You can experiment with alternating different kinds of beads, I suggest cranberry colored ones to appear as cranberries.

Apple Table-scape
source Julie Blanner

Create this stunning Table-scape using apples, red create the best pop of color, a cheese cloth, bunch of seeded eucalyptus, and white pillar candles (different sizes and heights create the best landscape). Visit the link to read up on placement and other tips on how to create this look.

Apple Topiary Centerpiece
source HGTV

You can follow the tutorial on the HGTV site to create your own apple topiary, they use fresh apples, but I think you can try using fake apples, you may need to find a different way in securing them to the foam though. They also recommend pears instead of apples which may be neat to make for a Christmas topiary.

Floating Apple Votives
source Design Mom

This tutorial shows you how to carve apples to hold tea light candles. They seem to be able to float and can look quite beautiful in a metal basin mixed with uncarved apples. If you rather not carve the apples, you can pair floating candles with regular apples and get a similar effect.

Be sure to check out more great Thanksgiving ideas on Pinterest.
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