4 Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving

Cranberries usually only make an appearance on our radar in the fall, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most commonly we have them as cranberry sauce at the holiday meals and might make a cranberry garland or two to decorate a tree or mantel with, but that is usually all we use them for.  So we’ve found some recipes here that highlight the cranberry, and since most Thanksgivings overlap with game day celebration too, two of them are great game day treats with a holiday remix using cranberry as the main ingredient. So check them out and maybe even make a few.

Cranberry Salsa

source Swirls and Spice

Our first gam day treat is salsa, because whats a game day without salsa, and homemade salsa is always the best. This recipe uses cranberries of course, green onion, jalapeño, cilantro, sugar or honey, and orange juice or fresh lemon juice. Now they thought that the jalapeño might be too spicy for them and substituted it with a sweet pepper. Now when I make salsa I’ve had some comment that they would like it more if there was less or no cilantro, so I usually make it with less than what is called for or even leave it out entirely, depends on who I am serving. Also fresh lemon is always better but lemon juice you buy in the bottle will work too. I recommend serving with restaurant style tortilla chips.

Sweet and Spicy Cranberry Meatballs
source Carls Bad Cravings

Our second Cranberry game day recipe is for these meatballs prepared in the slow cooker. Meatballs are a go to for most game day buffets and this recipe takes them one step further by adding cranberry sauce to the glaze they use to infuse these meatballs in flavor. They are sweet and spicy so they have an asian flare to them.

Cranberry Walnut Tea Cookies
source Lisa is bossy

Thought I would throw in a non-traditional cookie, its not too sweet since it balanced out by tart cranberries and walnuts. They are great during Christmas too.

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad
source Creme de la Crumb

Now for something on the light side, this autumn salad is a balance of crisp apples, cranberries, feta cheese, and walnuts topped with an apple juice, apple vinegar, oil and honey.

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