5 Treats for the Giving

To wrap up our Thanksgiving themed posts we finish with some festive themed treats, using m&m’s, candy corn, Rollos, Kisses and Pretzels. We close the list off with a link to some printable coloring pages that are really quite festive.

Harvest Caramel Corn

source Two Sisters Crafting

This is more of a dessert than a treat, but it looks so festive and I am sure smells fantastic. The recipe shows you how to make caramel from scratch, then all you need to do is mix in some Rollos and festive colored M&M’s. Great to add to you game day menu.

Pretzel Turkey Treats
Source Mommy Octopus

If you love Rollos then you are in luck because here is another snack that just happens to require the chocolate covered caramel treat. This is so easy to make the littles can help put them together. Fun and festive.

Kisses Acorn treats
source Hershey’s

This acorn cookie treat uses mini vanilla wafer cookies, Peanut butter chips, Kisses, and icing as glue. You could use any kind of hug or kiss, so mix them up and create something festive and delicious.

Acorn Treats
source Taste of home

This acorn treat uses pretty much the same ingredients as the acorns above except for the cookie is a Nutter Butter bite and they melted chocolate to use as glue and piped the the ‘stem’ on top. Feel free to mix the two recipes and create your own perfect acorn treat. Also great for the littles to help make.

Cinnamon Roll Turkey
source Pillsbury

Now this is something I think is beyond genius, a cinnamon roll made to look like a turkey by the addition of Bacon, I mean who doesn’t love bacon? This recipe uses pretzel sticks for the feet, mini m&m for the gobbler, a candy corn for the beak, and candy eyeballs for, well the eyes though I am sure you can use mini chocolate chips. Perfect for brunch or breakfast. Kids will love them, I guarantee it.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
source 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1

A great idea for keeping little occupied while the not so littles watch football or finish prepping for the big Thanksgiving feast. They are free and printable, and they are real quality designs. Just provide the color pencils and color crayons, maybe even hold a coloring contest, winner gets the first slice of pie!

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