A Very Merry 12 Days of Christmas


Now I know the song and I am sure that you do too, but I always thought that the 12 days of Christmas started on the 13th of December and on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas you got a gift. But apparently I was way off, and in fact the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas, December 25th and the 12 Days are in fact the 12 Days after Christmas ending on January 6th. Who knew right? The origins of the poem/song is a little hazy though I think it will be safe to say it started as French. The English version came from a book intended for Children in the 1780’s and was a sort of children’s game, in which a leader recited a verse, each of the players repeated the verse, the leader added another verse, and so on until one of the players made a mistake, with the player who erred having to pay a penalty, such as offering up a kiss or a sweet.

There is much debate over what the symbolism or meaning of each of the gifts, I think the best suggestion for what the song is speaking about is that the 12 days represent the 12 coming months and the gifts themselves represent the food or sport for each month of the year.

Well thats enough history for now, I have some new items that I’ve created that I wanted to share with you. First up are the 12 Days of Christmas paper designs, each day has three patterns so there is a total of 36 papers.


After spending so much time illustrating the characters for each day I decided they needed to be used in something else, so I whipped up some editable place cards.


And to finish up the 12 Days of christmas Printable Series, I have a set of 12 Gift tags.


So be sure to go check them all out in the store.




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