Simply Sweet Ornament Ideas


Decorating the tree is a cornerstone of the Christmas season and you don’t want your tree to look like everyone else’s, and your tree will have more meaning for you if filled with ornaments that you and your family have either made or have received as a gift from the heart from others who have made the handmade ornament for them. We’ve gathered some ideas to inspire you in this years ornament gift giving, ornament exchange or gift package decoration. We also have a few that will make great gifts for kids too.

Sweet Cupcake Ornament 

source Run! Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera

With this ornament, they painted ‘icing’ shapes on top of a colored ornament and while the paint was still wet, sprinkled on sprinkles and glitter, then hot glued the cupcake liner to the bottom and a pop-pom on top to be the cherry on top. You can play with different colored ornaments, different colored paint for the icing and of course different sprinkles or glitter. You could even try gluing on a brownish colored paper cone to the bottom instead of a cupcake liner so it looks like an ice cream cone. You can also make mini ornaments into mini cupcakes by using the mini ornaments and mini cupcake liners. The pom-pom can be substituted for those fake red berries on sticks too, just cut the berry off the stick as close as possible and glue it on.

Chocolate candy Ornament
source Sweet Something Designs

I think this is a great idea on the room to play around with materials and colors are endless. You’ll need ornaments, any color since you are spray painting them, lots of hot glue sticks since that is what is used to make it look like melting chocolate, and embellishments like white glitter as sugar, broken pieces of plastic candy canes and those fake red barrios that come on sticks, and a pretty ribbon to hang upon. You could play around with masking the ornament after the glue has dried and try to just spray paint the melted area so the ornament’s color shows. You can also spray paint the melted part any color you want, like white so it looks like melted white chocolate. This is definitely one I want to make.

Fancy Temporary Tattoo Ornamnet
source The Crafted Life

I don’t think making an ordinary ornament your own could be any simpler than this one, you use temporary tattoos of your choice and apply them to the ornament as if applying them to your skin, then once dry you seal them on with some sealant spray or modge podge. You can use one, two, or as many tattoos as you would like on a single ornament, as for the color of the ornament be mindful that the tattoos are usually a little transparent so darker ornaments may not be the best choice for this project since it will make seeing the tattoos difficult. As the sealant/modge podge dries you can sprinkle on a little bit of glitter too, but not too much since it may cover too much of the tattoo.

Chalkboard Ornament
source A Night Owl Blog

This ornament is best made with one of those flat ornaments rather than the ball kind, though it can certainly be used it’ll just be harder to draw on later. Also if you are intending for kids to be drawing on them they highly suggest the unbreakable kind of ornaments so the kids do not accidentally shatter them while trying to draw on them. You paint the ornament with chalkboard paint, then once dried and cured you can draw on them for endless fun. It can become a new Christmas tradition like coloring Easter eggs, each year they draw on their ornament to hang on the tree.

I Spy Ornament
source U Create

This ornament will make a great gift to keep the little ones busy for a while this Christmas. Again they recommend using shatter proof ornaments since we don’t want the glass ones breaking while kids are playing with it. You fill the ornament with christmas buttons, confetti, or any other little festive items that you can get to fit in through the ornament opening, then fill in the rest of the ornament with vase filler that looks like snow. Be sure to make a list of the items you put in the ornament so the kids know what they are looking for. I like that they made them personalized by adding their names to the ornament with stickers. Be sure to hot glue the lid on once you are finished so the kids do not accidentally, or intentionally, spill the filler all over the place. You can always play around with the color of the filler and the little search items, it doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. You can also add a little bit of glitter to the filler to make it a little magical.

Melted Crayon Ornament
source The Swell Designer

I am sure that you’ve seen the melted crayon pictures take the internet by storm, but the cool thing is that you can apply a similar technique to ornaments. You make it by placing little pieces of colored crayons into the ornament, and using a hair dryer to melt the crayons as you twirl the ornament slowly creating a swirled and dripping design. Be warned that you do not want to use plastic ornaments for this since they will most likely melt along with crayons. Be mindful of the colors you put in the ornament and think about how they will look mixed together. Once cooled and dry you can use other tutorials to coat the clear parts with glitter if you want.

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