Happy DIY ‘Hipster’ Holiday Ornaments


So we have searched the many pins of Pinterest on the hunt for some unique, interesting, and fun ornaments that would be perfect for the Hipster in your life, or for the independent tween to make for all of her or his friends. These ornaments are posh, classy, chic, with a little dash of neon for that extra unique Christmas wow factor..

Ombre Neon Glitter Ornament

source I Love To Create Blog

A simple tutorial that uses Decoupage Medium, neon glitter, and a clear ornament. The cool thing about this ornament is it is very easy to make variations by switching up color or order of glitter colors, and don’t feel like you have to use only neon colored glitter, I personally think it would be cool to use gold and silver glitter.

Neon Paint Swirl Ornaments
source I love to Create Blog

Another simple ornament, using clear ornament and neon paint, they used fabric paint but acrylic will work too. Using one color at a time you pour a tiny bit into the ornament shake it and then add another color, you can add a third color but you can keep at two, then drain the excess and let dry. Again you don’t have to use only neon colors you can use any color you want, just be mindful of how the colors you use will interact with each other once mixed. You can test your color combination out by mixing them with a paintbrush on paper.

Sharpie Ornament
source Pretty Prudent

This tutorial used white  ceramic ball ornament, but I am sure that you can use any light colored ornament, and if you can’t find any white ornaments you can make your own by either spraying another colored ornament with white spray paint or by coating the inside of a clear one with white acrylic paint. Then you draw a pattern on the outside of the ornament, be careful not to smudge your lines while you handle your ornament as you draw. Again do not fill like you are stuck just using black Sharpie markers, play with color, but remember that the colored sharpies aren’t as permanent as the black.

Hip Tattoo Ornament
source Tattly

This is quite the unique idea, you decorate the ornament using temporary tattoos. Applying them as if applying them on yourself with a damp sponge than once dry apply clear sealant to protect your tattoos. They have some cool examples on their blog like the ones that they create a repeating pattern by applying several tattoos onto the same ornament.

Washi Tape Ornament
source Odessa May Society

Another ornament idea that can’t be simpler than creating patterns on your ornament with washi tape pieces. You can use any washi tape that you desire and place them on your ornament to create your very own unique pattern, creating layers and movement. Easy, quick, and unique.

Personalized Glitz and Glam Ornaments
source Pizzazzerie

To make these glitz & Glam Ornaments all you need are clear ornaments, metallic stickers, matching colored glitter, and a coordinating ribbon. Spell out the word or name on the ornament using the stickers, pour some glitter inside, top it all off with a festive bow.  Switch things up by using different kinds of ribbons, colored stickers, and colored glitter. Just make it your own. Add in a dash of confetti.

Book Ornament Idea
source Popsugar

This tutorial uses printouts of the Harry Potter Book covers, but you can make any book, try making one of someone’s favorite book for a gift. If you wan tot follow their tutorial you’ll need, twine, White Crayola Model Magic, which is an air drying clay, your little book print outs and hot glue. The tutorial is simple enough to follow for a basic tiny book ornament. But if you want to take it a step further create a dust jacket of the book so that you have both front and back covers as well as the spine of the book. I’ve always found air dry clay hard to shape and hold sharp edges, so you can use it if you want, but you could also trim down some white foam core board to use, glue two or three together to create a thinker book if the book you are making is a bit long. You can attach the string between the layers of the foam core while adhering them together. If your book has a round spine you can careful cut and sand the spine to make it curved. Then glue the book jacket printout onto the foam core, a fast drying glue like hot glue may work best. Maybe I’ll have to make my own and post a tutorial on how I would make mine . . .

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