DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that aren’t Junk

I know they say that the best Mother’s Day gift is one you make yourself, which I believe is quite true since it shows that you devoted time and thought to your gift which is far more valuable than money, but a lot of the diy-crafty gifts out there are, let’s face it, junk. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered up some ideas for some diy gifts that we feel are pretty, useful, and a bit more than your everyday store bought knick-knack. You can always go for the old standby of flowers and a home cooked Breakfast, though if you do go the Breakfast route remember to think about how mom might want to sleep in a bit and not be awoken early. We have some decor and breakfast recipe ideas posted on our Pinterest Page if you’d like to check those out.

Clay Heart Fingerprint Keychain 

source A Girl and a Glue Gun

To start things off we have a simple, understated gift that is so easy practically anyone can make it. The site doesn’t really have a tutorial to follow, but like I said is really easy to make they really don’t call for any. First you will need some white clay, sculpey is always a good kind. Roll out the clay, cut out heart shapes, the easiest way would be to use a cookie cutter, just remember that this is going on a ket chain so keep it small. Press your fingerprint into the cutout heart, then add a hole for the key ring to go in, a drinking straw is a good size. Then follow the directions for baking the clay on the package, cool, and add a standard key ring. Of course you can make it your own by using different colored clay, mixing a few colors together to create a marble effect, or adding different kind of key ring, beads and such to make it even more unique.

Clay Garden Markers
source Wit & Whistle

Using polymer clay and small rubber stamp letters you can create this simple, understated, and simply easy garden markers that any gardener or herb grower will adore. You simple roll out a bit of clay, stamp the name of the plant into the clay and bake them. You can make them your own by adding a bit of colored clay to the ends when you roll the out and shape them, or dip them in some acrylic paint once they are cool from baking. You can also stamp the letters in ink before stamping into the clay to leave colored letters. You can use some of the left over clay to make one of those fingerprint key chain above.

Mother’s Day Pink Hand Scrub
source Touch of Tay

Great gift for any mom especially those who gardens or bakes, since they wash their hands frequently and this hand scrub will keep them soft and clean. This tutorial calls for Dawn Ultra Dish Soap -Olay Hand Renewal kind, and epsom salts which can be found near the pharmacy in Walmart & Target or at any local Drug Store like Walgreens or CVS, and a container to hold and store your hand scrub. All you do is mix them together. Now there are versions of Hand Scrubs that use sugar, and those recipes call for some kind of oil, usually olive oil though other kinds of oil will work too even coconut oil, to stop the break down/dissolving of the sugar crystals and I personally feel that this will be a gentler hand scrub so if you are making it for someone with sensitive skin a recommend the sugar route, but play around with it and find one you like best, a google or pinterest search will yield many recipes/tutorials you can follow.

Photo Pendant
source Saving with Sarah

This one requires a bit of materials and requires some drying time so its not a good last minute craft to do, but it create s a beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant that looks vintage, fancy, and timeless. I recommend black-and-white or sepia tone photos since they lend that timeless/vintage effect, but you can use color photos as well.

Photo Block
source Balancing Home

I know it says Father’s day, but I think it would be good for Mother’s Day too. You pretty much print of photos on regular paper, mod podge onto wooden block, mod podge agin to seal and protect, and you’re done. You can make it your own by distressing the edges by sanding and inking them with a stamp pad before applying the retentive coat of mod podge. The photos can be color, you can use a free photoshop-like web site to add quotes or little messages to your images before printing them.

Photo Block Puzzle
source show

Using the same technique as the one to make the Photo Block above, use smaller wooden blocks to create a block puzzle. This tutorial doesn’t mention any sealant but I recommend to put some kind of sealant over the images once on the blocks to protect them from being worn off by use. They left the blocks plain and only placed images on two sides of the blocks, but like they said you can do up to six images. If you chose to only do a few you can paint the blank sides to make them colorful, you can even add patterns like scrapbook paper to some of the sides.

If you’d like to see some more gift ideas for mom, party decorations for a Mother’s day party, Mother’s Day cards, recipes for breakfast and more visit our Pinterest page.

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