New Fiesta Banners

For Cinco de Mayo, we posted an image on our social media accounts of a Feliz Cinco de Mayo (Happy 5th of May) papel picado (decorative cut paper flag) and we got so much engagement on it that we thought that perhaps we should offer a printable version for party banners, and that’s just what we did. We created a new papel picado banner design, using the Cinco de Mayo banner as inspiration, and inserted the alphabet and numbers into this new design. They also include a cactus and a sugar skull. They come in two color choices: one in Pink with a Yellow background, and one in Blue with a Green background. They both have a subtle tissue paper texture added to it so they resemble their real-life counterparts when printed. You can trim down to the color sections like above, or leave in a rectangle shape with a slight white border.


These are great for those Spanish themed parties for Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, or any party really. Check them out in the Shop.


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