Mom got a Card, It’s Only Fair That Dad Gets One Too

hero measure

Our last post covered gift ideas for Father’s Day, it only makes since to follow it up with a post that will help you out with the card. We introduced our new printable greeting card style with our Printable Mother’s Day cards, and now we’ve added some new Father’s Day designs. So like the Mother’s Day cards, not only is there a beautiful design on the outside, but you can have an equally beautiful design inside by printing on a lighter weight paper like regular old computer paper and adhering it to the inside of the card, very much like those fancy-schmancy greeting cards you find in stores. And the extra kicker is the matching printable envelope that comes with it. All you need to do is head over to the shop, buy the card, print it out, cut, fold, adhere (don’t worry instruction come with it) and you’ve got yourself one fancy card that will truly let Dad know how appreciated he is. You have two designs to chose from, a workshop themed one that matches one of the Mother’s Day cards, and Super hero themed one.


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