A Little Note for Your Mom




May is just around the corner, very much like any other month it seems, and that means that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and there is nothing worse than forgetting to wish your own Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

Now we’ve just introduced this new printable greeting card, it takes the printable greeting card and turns it up to 11. Not only is there a beautiful design on the outside, but you can have an equally beautiful inside by printing on a lighter weight paper like regular old computer paper and adhering it to the inside of the card, very much like those fancy-schmancy greeting cards you find in stores. And the extra kicker is the matching printable envelope that comes with it. All you need to do is head over to the shop, buy the card, print it out, cut, fold, adhere (don’t worry instruction come with it) and you’ve got yourself one fancy card that will truly let the Mom in your life know how appreciated she is.


Big Bang Theory & Star Trek Fandom Packs Update


I realized that the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek Fandom packs were looking on the skimpy side, not only did the designs not come in all the pack’s colors, but they did not include a quote page like the other fandom packs do. So I remedied that oversight, now both packs have quote pages and include all the patterns in all the pack colors. The character pages have been resized to match the rest of the character fandom pages and the new fandom packs are offered with the original paper texture as well as without the paper texture. And of course they are full 12×12″ and in the new size of 8.5×11″ better known as computer paper or letter sized.


Tag your Bags this Easter

Back in October we created a few cute Halloween themed Candy bag toppers, and we felt that Easter could use their own Bag Toppers too. So we came up with these sweet designs so you can make your Easter treat bags festive, all you have to do is print them out on a sturdy paper like card stock, fold them in half over the ziploc part of the bag and secure them to the bag with double sided tape or staples. They fit standard Ziploc sandwich and snack bags so you can DIY these fancy goody bags at home with things you already have. Check them out here and then visit the shop.

Here are the backs, we added a space for a personal message or Easter greeting. Just remember if you fill them out unfolded to check that your writing will appear right side up, you don’t want your writing to end up upside down.halloween_bag_toppers_02

Hippity-Hoppity it’s Easter


So we’ve official Sprung forward thanks to Daylight’s Savings Time and that means Easter is just around the corner. Last year we posted a variety of Easter ideas ranging from decoration, treats, and egg decorating methods, you can peruse them here if you’d like a recap, but here we have some new and festively fresh ideas for you.

Easter Egg Bunny and Chick Garland

source Parents

Absolutely love this idea for a Easter garland, using plastic easter eggs, felt, puff paint, hot glue and twine with buttons or pom-poms. Personally I really like the bunnies and white pom-pom one best. Mix things up, make it your own, use other materials instead of buttons or pom-poms.

Paper Bunny Garland
source Simply Sprout

Easier but just as cute garland. Cut out a bunny shape out of festive patterned paper and attach a cotton ball or pom-pom for the tail and string up with twine or ribbon. The kids could even help make them, a easy and fun Easter activity.

Jelly Bean Necklace
source Two Sisters Crafting

Editable and fashionable. Using stretchy string, a needle, and of course Jelly beans you can create your own, they make kid gifts, especially for the tweens. Go for a mixed freestyle unplanned one by randomly selecting Jelly Beans, or plan it out with a pattern of sorts for a more composed look. Make bracelets as well by using short stretchy string and less Jelly Beans.

Bunny Oreos
source Party Pinching

Only a few ingredients, super easy, fast, and not to mention adorable and delicious. If you don’t have an edible marker while the white chocolate is still wet you can place two mini chocolate chips for the eyes. You can even make it a lollipop, just follow instructions found here though you’ll ant smoother chocolate than seen in the instructions there.

Italian Easter Bread
source Bake With Christina

This is a traditional Italian Easter recipe. A sweet bread, with a glaze and sprinkles. As you can see the bread is braided around a colorful dyed hard boiled egg. This bread is flavored with vanilla and anise. It is quite a beautiful treat.

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies
source The 36th Avenue

The easter colored m&m’s really make this perfect for the Holiday, only takes cake, sprinkles and m&m’s. Of course their going to be yummy, and nobody needs to know how easy they were to make.

Bunny Coconut Cupcakes
source Styling My Everyday

Using the same technique from the bunny oreos to make bunny ears out of marshmallows, add them to the top of cupcakes for a sweetly cute dessert. Now if you do not like coconut you can make a vanilla cupcake, top with a white frosting of your choice and leave the coconut shavings off.

Layered Peep Rice Krispie Treat
source Yellow Bliss Road

Using those little Easter Treats that seem to never run out in place of the marshmallows in a Rice Krispie bar recipe, layer them to make them colorful and place on a stick for a cute treat thats super easy to make.

Robin Egg Fudge
source Inside Bru Crew Life

This fudge recipe makes use of those delicious chocolate malt balls also known as Robin’s eggs. Full of Easter color, easy to make and a real treat.

Temporary Tattoo Eggs
source Smart School House

Apply any small temporary tattoo to the surface of the egg just like you would to your skin. I don’t know how it would turn out if you dye the egg afterwards, possible tint the tattoo as well, and if you dye it before the color will sow through the tattoo. You can paint the dye on the egg while avoiding going over the tattoo, or use permanent markers.

Rubber Cement Technique
source Unsophisticook

Start by dying your egg a light shade of a color, dry, drizzle with rubber cement, dry again, dye in another color for longer so the color is darker, dry again, you can add more cement and dye another color, or peel the cement off and ta-da you have a really cool egg.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for celebrating Easter visit our Pinterest page.

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New Paper Pack Size


For your printing conveince  we have added a new paper pack size. Now all fandom paper packs, color and black and white, are now available in both scrapbook size (12″ x 12″) and letter sized (8.5″ x 11″). All letter sized packs are identified by a light teal colored bar with the size noted, like the one in the image above. This new paper size will now allow you to print your paper pack on your home printer, since they are now at a size that all printers can handle. So enjoy.

Time for Valentine’s, Again . . .

Valentine’s day is an annual event that happens but once a year, usually marked by lots of red and pink, hearts, flowers specifically roses, and candy, usually heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Its a day you show your love or friendship for those in your life. We can help you celebrate this day of love, we have a variety of Valentine’s and greeting cards, Valentine themed clipart and for those goody bags full of Valentine treats we have Goody Bag Toppers.

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Mark Your Calendar

I was hoping to have this ready by the start of the New Year, but you know what they say about the best of plans and how they get waylaid. This idea for a calendar came about last year, but I didn’t have time to really get them fully fledged out and it was pushed to the back burner while working on other projects. But this year I was going to complete it fully even if I didm;t make my deadline, and they are now finally ready. So I am here to present to you my Doctor Who Calendar. Since there are 12 doctors and 12 months it was only natural for them to be paired together. So using the character illustrations I did for the updated Dr. Who scrapbook papers, I combined them with one of their quotes that I hand lettered. Get a quick preview here, but be sure to check them out in the Etsy store.



Also available in a 4 x 6 in desk calendar size.


Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Ginger All the Way


There are many things that only come out around the holidays,  like candy canes and egg nog to name a few, but today we are focusing on Gingerbread, because who doesn’t love those little gingerbread men, or their very festive candy coated houses? We’ve gathered some recipes and ideas for you on how to include this seasonal item into your holiday this year. We have desserts, snacks, drinks, ornaments, and even a gift idea, so read on to find out more.

Ice Cream Gingerbread Men Sandwiches

source Taste of Home

Perhaps one of the cleverest uses for gingerbread men cookies that I have come across is making them into this frozen dessert. I bet you could even decorate the top cookie too. Fill with any ice cream flavor you want, so gingerbread, egg nog, candy cane, peppermint, vanilla, chocolate, the flavors are endless.

Snowman Gingerbread Men Cookies
source Created by Diane

So this one is really just an alternate way of decorating the cookies. If you want your gingerbread men to really stand out from all the other gingerbread men, make him a snow man. You can still add more decorations  to make him more festive too, like candy buttons, colored icing mittens and boots.

Gingerbread Cupcakes
source STL Cooks

This is a recipe for making gingerbread flavored cupcakes with a gingerbread cream cheese frosting, yum. You’ll need to find a recipe to make your own gingerbread cookies for the little gingerbread men decoration, or buy them. You can frost them how ever you like best, but I think the little gingerbread man cookie really makes the cupcake.

Gingerbread Popcorn
source The 36th Avenue

I think popcorn is sort of a seasonal thing too, like popcorn garland. Well this is a recipe for making gingerbread popcorn, its fairly similar to making caramel corn, but with gingerbread spices and its pretty quick to make. It’ll make a great holiday snack, and can even be mixed into the chex mix found below.

Gingerbread Chex Mix
source Unsophisticook

Again this is a quick snack to mix up, fairly similar to other Chex Party mix recipes so if you’ve made those before you’ll have no problem making this version. As I mentioned above you can even mix in some gingerbread popcorn, they even have gingerbread flavored M&M’s that you can mix in if you want.

Gingerbread Hot Cocoa
source The Hopeless Housewife

So we’ve covered Gingerbread desserts, Gingerbread snacks, it only makes sense to showcase some Gingerbread drinks and we start off with the Gingerbread Hot Cocoa. The recipe is fairy simple, typical cocoa add ins and of course top it off with whipped cream and a tiny gingerbread man. You can add a swirl of caramel if you would like, I think gingerbread and caramel flavors go well with each other.

Gingerbread Coffee
source Kristine’s Kitchen

So we did hot cocoa so naturally the next step is coffee. Like in the fall everything is Pumpkin Spice this or that, I think winter can totally be Gingerbread, but we’ll just cover straight gingerbread coffee. So you start with plain ground coffee and add in four spices: cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cloves, and ground nutmeg, and there you go gingerbread coffee. Then make you coffee the way you usually do, top your cup off with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

Gingerbread Smoothie
source Peanut Butter & Peppers

If hot drinks aren’t really your thing you can try this Gingerbread smoothy, you use your typical gingerbread ingredients, with the addition of milk, ice and a frozen banana so you even get a little fruit too. As with the other gingerbread beverages top it off with some whipped cream a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a little gingerbread man cookie.

Preserve Gingerbread Cookies for Decorations
source Decor CharmYou can follow the gingerbread man recipe on the site or use your own. Once you have your baked gingerbread men cookies, let them dry completely for 3 days.  Then you can preserve them by applying 3 coats of clear varnish, let each coat dry completely before applying the next. Once the varnish has dried your cookies are now not edible, can be used as ornaments and in garlands like pictured, by using a wide straw to cut out parallel holes in the cookies before baking and then stringing together on a ribbon.
Whipped Gingerbread Sugar Scrub
source Sugar & Soul

To wrap up our gingerbread themed post we found something that can be made and given as a gift or stocking stuffer. Its fairly easy to make, you mix together two kinds of sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract and gingerbread spices, then contain it in a jar of your choice, tie a festive ribbon, attach a tag or a sticker label and you have yourself a sweet smelling gift.

Be sure to check out more great Christmas Ornament ideas on our Pinterest board, we also have more ideas for Christmas, and Christmas desserts, snacks & drinks.
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Happy Little Christmas Friend Gift Tags

Add the finishing touch to any gift this year with a cute, and friendly, little christmas friends gift tag. You can print them at home on card stock, the back of the tag is blank so you can sign your to and from names there. Or you can print them off on sticker paper. There are 35 tags, 6 christmas light bulbs, 6 mittens, 12 different ornaments, 2 bells, 2 ginger people, 2 snow people, 2 Christmas trees and 3 presents. So check them out.